Summerhouses online

Do you want more information about garden houses? Then you should know that Lugarde is the garden house specialist when it comes to buying a custom-made garden house at an attractive price. Lugarde only uses high quality wood from pressure impregnated spruce, douglas or red cedar. Our pine wood is of high quality. It comes from northern countries with a cold climate. Because of this cold climate the trees grow more slowly. This creates finer annual rings, which ensures an even and strong structure of the wood. We dry the wood back to about 14-16% to prevent deformation. Because we make our own wood to size, the wood parts fit exactly to the millimeter. We produce wind and watertight corner connections for both garden houses and log cabins. A garden…
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A log cabin or maintenance-free garden house can be completely integrated into the design of the garden and offers the possibility to store garden furniture, tools and other garden accessories in the log cabin. In addition, a large log cabin with flat roof, or a log cabin with gable roof with or without roofing can be used as a guest house. This also applies to a maintenance-free garden house or small log cabin. Why buy garden houses at Woodpro? Woodprois is a garden shop web shop that has been an authority for nearly 40 years in the field of garden houses, porches and garages. With or without integrated roof, modern or classic? Because we deliver custom work, everything is possible! Since 1978, Woodpro has been producing wooden garden houses, log…
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